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Dean and Katie started their small flock in 2010 at Builth Wells Ram Sale buying a ewe and two ewe lambs from R and R Powell. Then came Rasta the ram from F.Cooks Langridge flock. In 2011 they gave them two ram lambs and a ewe lamb.

They did quite a lot of showing with a highlight being the shearling ewe taking Rare and Native Breed Champion at Herts County Show. Have a look at the Show pages for more results.

Bitten by the Kerry Hill bug, they headed to the 2011 Kerry Hill Flock book show and sale at Ludlow where they came home with 7 ewes and 2 ewe lambs to add to their flock.

They are looking forward to 2012 lambing with the ewes having been scanned in lamb at 1.9%.


2012 lambing was very good, we ended up keeping 2 ram lambs and 4 ewe lambs which are all very well marked.


2012 has been an amazing year for Cardington Kerry Hills, from Arthur taking breed Champion at East of England, Mynd taking 3 Hill and Heath Champions, then to Little Rasta taking Hill and Heath and Supreme at The Royal Berkshire.  We never expected to do so well! We must be doing something right!


At the end of the year, we were pleased to be awarded 2nd prize in the Kerry Hill Flock Competition for the Under 10 ewe Category!


Towards the end of the year, we brought in 18 ewes, sold a few as we had a high interest in them and will now be lambing 23 ewes in 2013. They scanned well with 1 triplet, 18 twins and 4 singles. Lambing should begin the end of Feb, begining of March,


2013 saw a brilliant lambing with some lovely marked lambs!


Show results have been briiliant with Little Rasta and Nellie winning all over! See the results page.


2014 was a good lambing, some lovely show lambs!

We had a slow start to the show season, after a busy winter we sheared late and left them out.

The shearling ram had a 2nd in a good class at The North Somerset, he then went on to get Rare and Native Champion at the Herts Show, a good 5th at Three Counties in a strong shearling class and won the shearling ram class at  The Royal Norfolk. He's now getting ready to go to Melton Mowbray Rare Breed Show and Sale in September.

Our ram lamb has come on really well and won his class at Stafford and then went on to get male and breed champion at The Royal Norfolk! Cardington Vic as he is now known, also went on to get Reserve Breed Champion at Berkshire Show and to top of the year, he got Kerry Hill Ram Lamb of The Year!!


2015 - A great year for us - Highlights included Male Champion at The Royal Three Counties with our aged ram 'Dick' from the renowned Garregellyd Flock.


2016 - We lambed 70 ewes this year and have had some cracking lambs. With one of our best show years to date. Cardington Vic took Reserve Breed Champion at Somerset. A Second in good class's at the Smallholders, Staffordshire and Three Counties and Breed Champion at The Royal Norfolk.

We've had some really nice shearling ewes out this year, getting placed in big classes and taking female champion at The Royal Three Counties!


The Cardington Flock of Kerry Hills

What they are trying to achieve

Dean and Katie are trying to breed well marked Kerrys which are strong and alert.

Sheep that will do well in the show and sale ring.

The breed originates from the hills around the small town of Kerry, on the English/Welsh borders. Once extremely numerous, numbers declined, and the Kerry Hill was until recently included on a list of Rare Breeds. However, this striking sheep is making a comeback, thanks mainly to its attractiveness to small-holders, who fall for its appearance.
The breed has developed substantially in its long history. The sheep is a bold, strong type, and the ewes make excellent mothers. The wool is a white, dense quality fleece, free from kemp and it is classed with the Down breeds for marketing purposes.
The present day Kerry Hill Sheep should have the following physical characteristics:
  • Markings: The sheep should have a black and white face, odd spot on face acceptable considering the breed. Legs should also be black and white.
  • Ears: Black, Black and White or White. Medium length, set high, free from wool.
  • Neck: Strong and muscular, well set into the shoulders.
  • Throat: Nicely curved and woolled, with no loose skin.
  • Teeth: Not overshot or undershot. Incisor teeth must bite on all inner surfaces.
  • Horns: No.
  • Ribs: Deep and well sprung, with good heart girth.
  • Back: Strong, level, firm to handle, wide loin, with plenty of length from hip-bone to tail.
  • Hind-Quarters: Wide and deep, well fleshed to hocks.
  • Tail: Hock-length is the breed standard. Well set on, strong dock, free from dark or blue spots.
  • Legs: Front - well set, with strong bone, enough width but straight, clear of wool. Rear - plenty of width, clear of wool - must not be Cow, Sickle or Turkey hocked.
  • Feet: front pasterns - NO excessive length on joints. Short strong joints can carry weight. Rear pasterns - NOT down on pasterns or long joints. Well-trimmed feet - sheep can walk properly.
  • Skin: Pink or red, free from black or blue spots or tint.
  • Wool: A white dense quality fleece free from kemp. Should be clean, a small amount of black is acceptable but undesirable. If very black or grey the sheep should be rejected.
  • Bone: Male - enough bone for the scale of the sheep - NOT fine and spindly. Female - not to fine but not too much bone. Neither should be weak behind the shoulder.
  • Males - Testicles the same size and wool free. Must be sound underneath
  • Females - Udder etc must be sound unless declared othersiwe at shows or sales.
  • Carriage: the sheep should meet one boldly, standing square. Sheep must walk freely not lame or stiff. It is easy to check for footrot.

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Dean - 07988771107

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Latest news

As seen on Country File and Big Brother!!!!!

Last week Dean and the show team of Kerry Hills got to appear on Big Brother in task and Cardington Supreme and Cardington Lollypop were filmed at the Royal Norfolk Show in their class!


East of England Show - Nellie takes Kerry Hill Breed Champion and Reserve Native Champion.


Royal Norfolk Show - Sash's all around - What a show - Champion Rare Breed with Cardington Supreme and Nellie and Little Rasta got Champion and Reserve in the anyother Shortwool then Nellie got Reserve Interbreed!


Three Counties Show - Good Results all around!


Herts Show - Nellie gets Hill and Heath Champion followed by Interbreed Champion!


Smallholders - Good Results for Balwen, Kerrys and traditional herefords


Nottinghamshire- Little Rasta takes Kerry Hill Breed Champion!

Lambing has started!!!


Lambing has finally started!!
1 balwen ram lamb and 4 kerrys with twins so far!

Photos will be up soon!!



Cardington Kerry Hills get 2nd place in the Flock Competition in the under 10 ewes category!

Kerry Ewe wins Supreme Champion at Gransden Show


Kerry Ram Lamb takes Interbreed Champion at Royal Berkshire Show


Success for the Kerrys and the Balwen at Aylsham Agricultural Show - See the Show results page


Kerrys Win Group of 3 Champion and best Welsh Sheep at Hatfield Show


Kerry Ram wins Breed Champion at East of England Show!



Dean and Katie get married!! 30th June 2012




Cardington Heritage takes Interbreed at Stoneleigh Show and Sale

Dean and Katie have had a baby boy.

William Dean Whybrow was born on July 31st 2011 weighing 7lb 4oz

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