Show Results 2012

Royal Welsh Smallholders


Traditional Herefords

Cardington Supreme came 3rd in the bull class

Endeavour Katy came 5th in the cow in calf class



Just the Balwen ram went to the smallholders and he came 3rd


Kerry Hills

Our shearling ram and older ram both got 2nd in their class

Our older ewe came 2nd and we got 2nd in the group of 3.


Herts Show


Kerry Hills

Rasta the older ram came out both days in the ram class and got 2nd both days.

Our older ewe came 3rd and 2nd and the sharling 4th.


Three Counties

Traditional Herefords

Endeavour Katy had to be pulled out of the show team as she was a little closer to calving than expected and calved on the Tuesday! A very lovely little heifer calf.

So, it was all homebred Cardington cows/bulls that went to three counties.

Cardington Supreme - 2nd in the Older Bull Class

Cardington King Curls - 1st in the younger bull class

Cardington Julia - 1st in the 2year old heifer class.

Cardington king Curls - Reserve Male.


Kerry Hills

The boys both got 3rd in their classes and the older ewe 4th, our lambs were a lot younger than everyone elses so were a lot smaller and didn't get placed, but the jusge said he liked our ewe lamb, she just needs to grow a bit!


East of England 

It was just the Kerry Hills that went to EoE as Jason and Sharon were away, and what a show we had!

To start of both ram and ewe lambs came 4th in their classes. The older ram won his class, the shearling ram won his class, the sharling ram got male champion and the older ram reserve male champion. Then the ewe won her class and the shearling ewe came second in her class, the ewe got reserve female champion, then the shearling ram got breed champion and the older ram got reserve breed champion. Then we won the pairs and the wool on hoof! What A show :) we were very happy!


Hatfield Show


Hatfield Show is a lovely little 3 day show, just up the road from us!

On the Friday was the Hill and Heath classes, it started of with the ram class, Rasta won, the balwen ram was 3rd and Arthur was 5th out off about 10 sheep. In the ram lamb class, the balwen ram lamb won it and the kerry lamb was 3rd, next was the ewe class, the Kerry ewe was 3rd, in the shearling ewe class the balwen came 5th and in the ewe lamb class the balwen came 4th.

On the Saturday was the sire and son and ewe and her lambs class. In the ewe and her lambs the kerry got 5th and the balwen 7th and in the sire and son class, the Kerrys won it!

On the Sunday were the pairs and the group of three, the Kerrys came 5th in the group of three and won their section of the group of 3 and then went onto win champion group of 3!

The Kerry ram was then awarded Best Welsh Sheep as well! What a day :)



Aylsham Show


A very early start saw us leaving at 5am to get to Aylsham!

We hadn't been before, but what a lovely little show, I'm sure we will be back next year!

We were in the Hill and Heath Section.

In the ram class, the balwen won, Arthur second and rasta 3rd.

Ram Lamb - Balwen 1st, Kerry 2nd

Shearling Ewe - Kerry 3rd, Balwen 4th

Ewe Lamb - Balwen 2nd, Kerry 4th

Ewe- Kerry 1st, Balwen 2nd


Champion Hill and Heath - Kerry Ewe

Reserve Champion Balwen Ram


Unfortunately we didn't get anywhere in the interbreed!

But still a good day :)



Royal County of Berkshire Show


This was our first time with the Kerrys here and what a lovely show it was, well set up and very enjoyable :)


On the Saturday we were in Any other Native, so we had the MV suffolks etc up against us, we were pleased when our Kerry ram lamb came 2nd to a big MV Suffolk. the Balwen coming 4th. In the ram class the Balwen came 2nd, the ewe class the Balwen came 5th and the Kerry Ewe 4th, and the ewe lamb kerry came 3rd and the balwen 5th.

In the group of 3, we joined forces with Mark Beesley with his Kerry Ram, and our group of 3 came 3rd out of about 20 groups, the first two groups being in the MV side!


On the Sunday, the Balwen ram came 2nd, in the ewe class, our Kerry ewe came 1st out of 18 and the Balwen 4th, the ram lamb class, the kerry came first and the balwen 4th and in the ewe lamb class ,the kerry was 2nd and the balwen 4th! So, into the Hill and Heath Championship we went with the ewe and the ram lamb, and the ram lamb managed to get champion!! With Marks Kerry Ram in Reserve! So what a good day for the Kerrys!

Off we went to the Interbreed with our little ram lamb, up against a Shetland, a southdown, a coloured lincoln longwool and a Galway longwool.

And amazingly, Cardingtons Little Ratsa won interbreed!! A lovely end to a brilliant weekend!!


Gransden Show 2012


Just the Kerrys headed to our little local show, and with no rams, it was just the three of them, Henrietta the ewe, Little Rasta the ram lamb and Nellie the ewe lamb.

We were in the Hill and Heath section and Nellie was up first, she managed to come 1st! Then, Henrietta was up and also won her class! Last was Little Rasta, but we couldn't make it 3 firsts, he came 2nd! Still, two in the Hill and Heath championship, and that went to Henrietta!! We were so pleased! Then we had the pairs, and we put Little Rasta and Henrietta in and they managed to come 2nd! So, Henrietta headed off into the Interbreed with Dean, and I couldn't believe it when they won!!! I was so pleased!!



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As seen on Country File and Big Brother!!!!!

Last week Dean and the show team of Kerry Hills got to appear on Big Brother in task and Cardington Supreme and Cardington Lollypop were filmed at the Royal Norfolk Show in their class!


East of England Show - Nellie takes Kerry Hill Breed Champion and Reserve Native Champion.


Royal Norfolk Show - Sash's all around - What a show - Champion Rare Breed with Cardington Supreme and Nellie and Little Rasta got Champion and Reserve in the anyother Shortwool then Nellie got Reserve Interbreed!


Three Counties Show - Good Results all around!


Herts Show - Nellie gets Hill and Heath Champion followed by Interbreed Champion!


Smallholders - Good Results for Balwen, Kerrys and traditional herefords


Nottinghamshire- Little Rasta takes Kerry Hill Breed Champion!

Lambing has started!!!


Lambing has finally started!!
1 balwen ram lamb and 4 kerrys with twins so far!

Photos will be up soon!!



Cardington Kerry Hills get 2nd place in the Flock Competition in the under 10 ewes category!

Kerry Ewe wins Supreme Champion at Gransden Show


Kerry Ram Lamb takes Interbreed Champion at Royal Berkshire Show


Success for the Kerrys and the Balwen at Aylsham Agricultural Show - See the Show results page


Kerrys Win Group of 3 Champion and best Welsh Sheep at Hatfield Show


Kerry Ram wins Breed Champion at East of England Show!



Dean and Katie get married!! 30th June 2012




Cardington Heritage takes Interbreed at Stoneleigh Show and Sale

Dean and Katie have had a baby boy.

William Dean Whybrow was born on July 31st 2011 weighing 7lb 4oz

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